Review: Good vibes, Good life

Good vibes dan good life karya Vex King adalah salah satu buku self-help yang says rekomendasikan bagi kalian yang sedang striving dengan mental health. Terbagi dalam 7 bab dan 272 halaman, buku ini cukup ringan untuk dibaca dan super to the point. Saya menyelesaikan buku ini di seal-sela jaga malam saat stase bedah onkologi. Dan outcomenya? Saya lebih nggak baperan dan bisa mentransformasikan negative vibe to positive vibe. Alhamdulillah 😀

Well, sebelum membahas part yang paling saya sukai di buku ini. Saya ingin menjelaskan kenapa akhir-akhir ini saya keranjingan baca buku dengan genre self-help, self-love, self-care hahah!.

Jadi gini, sebagai dokter muda a.k.a. masih dalam satu rentetan sekolah kedokteran yang extra panjang, apalagi menjelang tahun ke-6 ini. Kadang-kadang saya merasa mentally and physically drained dengan kehidupan di rumah sakit. Not to mention that sangat mudah bertemu orang-orang dengan negative vibe di lingkungan saya. Karena memang namanya aja “rumah sakit” pasti hampir seluruh komponen memiliki stressornya masing-masing, mulai dari pasien, koas, residen, perawat, dan tenaga medis lainnya.

Vex King mengingatkan kita dalam 7 part dengan sangat gamblang tentang bagaimana self-love adalah the way to unlocking your greatness.

Self-love is the balance between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better, and then working towards it.

Part one: A matter of Vibes
Law of Vibration is a key of the greater life.

Sejak di bangku sekolah kita sudah diperkenalkan bahwa segala hal yang ada di bumi ini adalah hasil dari getaran (re: vibration) dari atom. Semesta sendiri adalah bentuk vibration dari zat dan energi. Michal MacLean dalam buku The Vibrational Universe menuliskan thought and feeling juga merupakan bentuk dari vibration yang akrab disingkat dengan vibe.

Emotion is one of the most powerful vibrations you can control. All we need adalah vibrating higher! Vibration yang kita berikan akan selalu menarik vibration yang se-frekuensi. So, if you send out feelings of joy, then you’ll be given more things to feel joyful about. Dan ternyata emosi kita adalah sesuatu yang dapat kita kontrol. Hal ini akan saya bahas lebih dalam di review “Filosofi Teras” karya Henri Manampiring. But, to make it simple berikut kutipan dari Vex King yang worth to read buat teman-teman:

“Once you are in vibrational resonance with something, you begin to attract it into you reality. The best way to identify what frequency you’re on is through your emotions, your emotions show a true reflection of your energy

“If we pay attention to our emotions, we can see the true nature of our vibration and therefore we’re attracting into our life. If we feel good, we’ll think good thoughts, and as a result we’ll take positive actions.

Good vibes are simply higher states of vibration

To receive good vibes we must project good vibes

Vex King, Good life, Good Vibes

When you feel good, your life also appears to be good. If you could continuously experience good vibes, you’d always view your life in a positive light.

Higher states of vibration will help you feel good, which means you can manifest more good things in your life

Surround yourself with people who are vibes’ higher than you. Be around people who are feeling better than you are. Energy is contagious.

What you consume, consume you; what consumes you, consumes your life. (Banyak-banyak makan sehat dan minus air guys!)

The more you count your blessings, the more blessings you’ll have to count.

Ignoring negative emotions is like keeping poison in your system. Learn to understand everything that you feel. The aim isn’t to force positive thoughts, but to transform the negative ones into something healthier, so you can feel better.

Its not selfish or a sign of weakness to distance yourself or walk away from those who constantly bring down your vibe. Life is about balance. Its about spreading kindness, but it’s also about not letting anyone take that kindness away from you.

Always review your behaviors and make an effort to change any that are toxic-towards yourself or others. This isn’t only how you grow, it’s also an act of self-love. You’re showing yourself that you deserve better than the behaviors limiting your progress.

Simplify your circle of friends. Keep those who add value to your life; removes who don’t. Less is always more when your less means more.

Not everyone is going to get you, accept you or even try to understand you. Some people will just not receive your energy well. Make peace with that and keep moving towards your joy.

Nobody can hurt me without my permission

Mahatma Gandi

Some negative people are allergic to positivity. Be so positive that they can’t stand being near you.

You won’t be important to other people all the time, and that’s why you have to be important to yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company. Take care of yourself. Encourage self-talk and become your own support system. Your needs matters so start meeting them yourself. DON’T RELY ON OTHERS.

The size of your jeans doesn’t define you
The color and shade of your skin doesn’t define you
The number on the scales doesn’t define you
Those marks on your face doesn’t define you
Those expectations don’t define you
Those opinions don’t define you

Ignore what everyone else is doing. Your life is not about everyone else; it’s about you. Instead of focusing on their path, pay attention to your own. That’s where your journey is taking place.

If you can’t change a situation, change your perception about it. That’s where your personal power is. Either be controlled-or be in control.

Your goal isn’t to get rid of negative thoughts; it’s to change your response to them.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is simple: extraordinary people will get things done even when they don’t feel like it, because they’re fully committed to their goals.

Embrace good vibes and learn to let things flow. There is no need to force outcomes. Once you are in harmony within the universe, what’s meant to be yours will come to you.

Life doesn’t battle you because you’re weak, it battles you because you’re strong. It knows that if it gives you pain, you’ll realize your power.

Life will test you just before it will bless you

Here’s some gifts for you guys! Makasih udah singgah di halaman berdebu saya. Semoga bermanfaat, semoga kalian senantiasa VIBRATING HIGHER and SPREADING GOOD VIBES TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Sorry caps lock soalnya pending banget ini bwakakakak. Leave some comments, let’s share some positivity online and offline. Thank you

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21/7/2019 at Cafe District 7 20:30 WITA